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Chanukah Music Videos 5773 / 2012

A full 2 years after the stunning, unexpected success of The Maccabeats' Candlelight, we are now back in the month of Kislev and Chanukah music videos are beginning to appear on Youtube.

Here's a listing of this year's releases - new videos are posted at the bottom as they appear.

To check out last year's videos, click here.

San Diego NCSY presents "Am Yisrael Chai" - a parody of Train's song "Drive By." It's very catchy (as is the original) and stands out for not being another "Gangnam Style" or "Some Nights" parody. The flip-book animations are also rather neat.

Six13 has a new song "Hanerot Halalu," which features appearances by many viewers who submitted their own clips of them singing.

The Shira Chadasha boys' choir has a preview video of their new song/album: "Chanukah"

Matisyahu has a new song called "Happy Hanukkah."

StandFour - a new A Capella group composed of 4 former Maccabeats is fun and pop-y mash-up.

The B-Boyz are at it again, this time parodying a classic song by the Jewish rap group Beastie Boys in their somewhat awkward and presumptuously named: "Top Hanukkah Song 2012 : (You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To DREIDEL)." Word to your Torah!

"The Chanukah Miracle" by ShoobyDoobShloimy

Here are some children singing "Sivivon" with underwear on their heads in "It's an underwear Chanukah!"

Here's "Gangnam Chanukkah" by  Mar Ḥeshván

...and here's some "Hannukah Lights" that play along to the real "Gangnam Style"

Technion Israel made a Rube Goldberg Machine Chanukiah!

The Yeshiva Boys' Choir - "Daddy Come Home." A bit of a tear-jerker.

Here's "Chanukah Time" by Josh & The Jamtones.

"Chanukah Medley" - a "medley of American Satirical song which feature the festival of lights," performed by the London Jewish Male Choir.

Here's a cute musical Chanukah greeting from Rabbi David Sirull

"WE'RE LIGHTING THE MENORAH" by students from Yeshivat Reishit Yerushalayim. These guys have moves that put the Lions of Zion from the Aish videos to shame. This seems to be an original song.

Pella is back, and now apparently coed - women are featured singing and dancing(ish) in this video.
they've made their own A Capella mash-up called "8 Nights of Hanukkah." They use the same song as StandFour as the primary basis of the song.

The What's Up Band aka The Shlomones have released "Pass It On."


The Maccabeats have now joined the Chanukah music party with their fantastic original song, "Shine." has eschewed their typical holiday music video parody in favor of a sketch video about a pregnant lady and her roller-blading, acrobatic husband - all accompanied by instrumental electric guitar. It's called "Racing Home - A Hanukkah Surprise."

12/8/12 - these two videos feature women singing and dancing.

The Ein Porat Fountainheads have finally posted their video/Apple parody sketch, which is quite the departure from their usual music videos. It's called "iHannukah - Apple Style."

Yet another "Some Nights" to "Eight Nights" parody, this time by the coed  Israeli group, Shirat Machar, called "Eight Nights the Miracle of Light."


Here's "Hanukkah - World on Fire" by Shir Soul.

Now this is really cool and quite lyrically creative: "Hanukkah Hip Hop" by Ari Lesser.

A.K.A. Pella is joining the parody bandwagon with perhaps the best Gangnam Style Chanukah parody of them all, called "Chanukah Style."

Shmaya Silverman, with producer Ari Goldwag has released "Chanukah."

Yeshiva Day School of Las Vegas made their own music video to Shlock Rock's classic "My Menorah," starring their students.


Chanukah music on BAGPIPES!!! Very cool.

"The Simple Chanukah Story" starring wine corks! The music is kinda catchy and reminds me of a Wii start up menu theme.

The Hebrew School of Bal Harbor produced a pretty nifty Chanukah Style - Gangnam Style parody starring its students.

Not to be left out, Glee included "Hanukkah Oh, Hanukkah" in their recently released 3rd Christmas album. This features a male vocalist, for anyone wondering.

If you know of any more videos/songs - post them in the comments and I'll add them!

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