Monday, December 12, 2011

How About The Other Chanukah Music Videos Of 2011?

Ever since the Maccabeats catapulted to fame last year with their smash-hit "Candlelight" every time a Jewish holiday draws near, it seems we are inundated with new Jewish-themed music videos. From professionally recorded, expertly choreographed productions by name-brand organizations to a group of friends getting together to show their enthusiasm for the festival, everyone seems to be looking for the chance to replicate the popularity and success that Yeshiva University's A Capella group achieved.

Now that we're almost at Chanukah once again (has it really been a year already?), the Maccabeats have released their Chanukah follow up cover of Matisyahu's "Miracle." But what about all the other musical artists out there?

Let's check out the latest non-Maccabeats Chanukah-themed music videos out there.

Aish continues their trend of musical parodies after their very popular and original video from Rosh Hashana. The Lion of Zion dancers are back, and this video is called "Chanukah Jewish Rock of Ages," which features 8 songs, some classic and some modern, that tell the story of Chanukah.

Some of the lyrics are a bit corny, but they all fit really well. I can't get enough of the shot of two guys on the motorcycle in front of the motion-screen.

"A New Chanukah Medley" - a A Capella parody medley that really "gets into the spirit of the season," with each song sharing a certain theme...

It's kind of cute. I have heard of prankster yeshiva bochurim using jingle bells or other holiday tunes for Lecha Dodi during this time of year, so I guess this has been done before, to a degree.

The Yeshiva Boys' Choir has thrown their hat into the ring with a high-quality video for an original comedy song called "Those Were the Nights (of Chanukah."

While it's pretty obvious they're playing the safe game by featuring boys dressed as women and no real female participants whatsoever, which once caused the Maccabeats to be critiqued, I can't help but be a little weirded out by some of the cross-dressing going on here.

If you're in the mood for a bunch of bubbes and zaides have a fun time singing/celebrating Chanukah, check out the rather funny video by The LA Jewish Home called "Happy Chanukah From the Jewish Home!"

Not quite the Maccabeats, but another male A Capella group for Temple Adat Shalom:

Here's a Jewish rap/R&B video called "Hanukkah 2012 - All of the Lights"

We'll continue with another Jewish rap video, by Matt Rissien called "All I do is spin" a parody of "All I do is win," originally by DJ Khaled.

The Shlomones are back again with "The Rocky Hora Chanukah Song."

I have to say I'd never thought I'd see a "Rocky Horror Picture Show" Jewish parody song...

In my opinion, the funniest, most original video thus far comes from veteran A Capella group Six13, called "Chanukah Rights:"

UPDATE (12/12/11): I'm not sure how I missed The Fountainheads, but here is their contribution called "Light Up the Night." Just to forewarn, this contains women singing/dancing.

And here's a new A Capella group, with a pun-tastic name: Pella! Their debut video "Holiday Party -Tonight Tonight" is quite fun, and I happen to know a few of the guys in the group...

This might be my favorite video. They picked a great, catchy, upbeat song, have great production values/editing, include a number of pretty funny jokes, and pretty much covered almost all the chagim out there. I'm also a big fan of their energy, dance moves and green screen use (all the clones, etc). However, since they go through all the holidays, does this mean they're not going to make another video when Purim rolls around?

UPDATE 12/14/11: Here is a FANTASTIC song by The Avoda called "Spread the Light," which has an amazing, pounding beat. The lyrics are great too. The video itself doesn't compare the the shtickyness of all the others out there, but the most important thing is the music, right? This song gets my vote for the best original song of the Chanukah season this year.

UPDATE 12/16/11: The B-Boyz are back again with another Chanukah-themed take-off of a popular secular song. This time it's called "Menorah Hearts" and is based on "Stereo Hearts" by Adam Levine & Gym Class Heroes. These are the guys who happened to pick "Dynamite" last year and tried to cash in on the Maccabeats' fame, with very little success. I wrote a bit about them here. presents a Bible Raps song for Chanukah 2011 called "Light is in the Air."

UPDATE 1-3-12 Though a little late, here is "Maoz Tzur" Except Saturday:

The Moshav Band has their new song, "Light The Way."

If anyone finds other Chanukah related music videos, please share in the comments, and I'll add them to the list.


  1. Did you see this one? Flash mob on Ben Yehuda. I thought it was cute.

  2. the Fountainheads have released a new video ... called Light Up The Night at

  3. The Fountainheads just released their video:

    I think they're the clear winners for originality this Chanuka

  4. Fountainheads noted and added! I'm not sure why I missed them, especially when they didn't come up when I searched "Fountainheads Chanukah" last night on Youtube.

    Altie - I'm trying to just list the new ones for 5772/2011. But yes, I've seen that and it's a good video!

  5. This one was just released today, by former Groups Kol ZImra and Harmonia who have merged and are now Pella Singers:

  6. IYS - thanks! This video is amazing!

  7. Hi from Pella - thanks for enjoying our video. We have already begun working on our next one to be released for Pesach. I think the costumes in this one covers Purim ;)

    So enjoy and share.


  9. Pella - but you also mention matzah ball soup, which is shown being eaten along with matza itself and the haggadah...

    The Professor - aside from the singer's one mention of Chanukah, this is more of a political parody than a real Chanukah song.

  10. Pella was on The Today Show this morning!

  11. Hi, here is an original Hilarious Hanukkah Medley by Luisa Tedoff Cohen. Very funny!

  12. We just checked out YouTube analytics and saw that your video, "Happy Chanukah from the Jewish Home," made it to your blog! Thank you so much for including us, especially among such talented video productions!!!

    Hope you enjoyed it. :)

    Aaron Saltzman
    Los Angeles Jewish Home

  13. Here's a comedy video you might enjoy, "Eight Is Better Than One (with Dr. Dreidl & MC Menorah)" -
    It may well be the first Jewish mother/son rap act.

    If you like this, we are in the middle of recording a few more from my album, "Latkes, Shmatkes" - thanks!


  14. this one is an original feel free to share!!


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