Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fortune Cookies

The themed of tonight's dinner in the caf was Chinese food. I skipped the main entrees, and went with the typical baked chicken, but picked the hot and sour soup (which was actually neither hot nor sour, but tasty nevertheless), and two fortune cookies for dessert.

I've never put much substance into what the little "fortunes" say in these things, particularly is most of them are entirely nonsensical, inapplicable to me, or aren't fortunes at all. For example, the "fortune" I received a while ago in the caf which read something to the effect of "When you leave home today, take your first left." At the time, that would have meant venturing off into the local neighborhood instead of walking toward campus. Even better is the "fortune" that caught my friend by surprise while I and a few other guys were sitting at the lunch table with him. It read "It's time to make new friends."

However, there are times when the little cookie message is a bit more intriguing, such as one of the fortunes I received tonight. It read:

"Your love life will soon be happy and harmonious."

If that doesn't sound good for my dating life, I don't know what does. In contrast, the second cookie told me:

"Your life is like a kaleidoscope."

I'm not sure where to take that one... although I can probably come up with an interpretation or two. My "Learn Chinese" words were "ying tao" or "cherry" and "xi gua" or "watermelon," in that order, and I'm sure there can be many different variations on what those pairings mean, or the fact that both are fruit in general. Either way, not so interesting.

I really don't place too much faith in these things (along with the various other forbidden means of foretelling the future, etc). But there has to be some reason why I got them in the first place, right? The odds of my selection any other cookie in that big box in the caf was just as great as picking these two... or maybe I'm just over thinking things.

It would be nice to have some happiness and harmony in my "love life" though, more preferably through marriage than the typical American cultural connotation of a person's "love life." Hmmm.

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