Thursday, September 22, 2011

New Maccabeats Video For Rosh Hashana / Yom Kippur - "Book of Good Life"

And here it is folks!

I think it's FANTASTIC.

The Maccabeats definitely get better with each video - I like this one more than "The Purim Song," and feel as though it's as good as (if not a bit better) than "Candlelight." The new video is quite catchy, but "Candlelight" might be a bit easier to sing - I've got to get more used to "Book of Good Life."

Aside from the quality of the song itself, the usual masterful production values from Uri Westrich, and all the cute inside jokes such as the reappearance of the space suit in Noey's closet, Uri's cameo, and the "Greeks" in shul - The Maccabeats have finally included women in their video (and lots of them) which is a great, positive answer to the undeserved critiques leveled at them when "The Purim Song" was released earlier in the year.

Of course, now that the new video is out, the next question must be: when will the 2nd album be released, guys? ;)

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