Thursday, March 8, 2012

Where Are The Purim Music Videos?

Freilechen Purim / Purim Sameach!

It looks like there are almost no new Purim music videos/songs this year. The one real exception I could find was the Shlomones parody called "Good Groggin:'"

For my money's worth, the two best Purim songs out there are:

1) "Umordechai Yatsah" by the very talented Jeremy Gaisen (why doesn't this man have his own CD already?).

I think this song was overshadowed by the #2 choice, simply because Purim was the first post-Chanukah holiday with real song potential (sorry Tu b'Shvat and Shlock Rock).

2) "Raise Your Glass" by the ever popular Maccabeats.

Have a safe and simcha-filled Purim!

PS: I hope to get back to regular posting soon, but school has been quite time-consuming and may only increase in intensity in the near future. I am determined not to give up the blog, so G-d willing, keep checking back for updates! Thank you for reading!

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  1. Youre gonna say that the Latma video is political, but... it is also quite "purimy" and very funny.


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