Monday, April 9, 2012

The Final Stretch - Support The Y-Studs!

As of this posting, the fund raising for the Y-Studs' first album, "Take Me Home" has 57 hours left to raise the necessary $2,000 to print physical CDs.

The exciting part is that they're almost there!

At present time, they've raised $1,812, and thus only need 19 people to buy the mp3 version at $10 a download. If you at all interested in these guys, attend/support Yeshiva University, enjoy Jewish Music or need a new and non-Maccabeat A Capella album for Sefira (sorry YBC), make a donation and make their CD happen!

Tell all your friends!

Click here for their Kickstarter fund-raising page.

For more info, see my previous post.

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