Monday, October 22, 2012

Frumster Becomes JWed. Volunteer Needed!

Like Tania over at Thinking Jew Girl, I was recently contacted regarding the transformation of Frumster into JWed, with a greater focus on Jewish singles looking to get married.

This is their press release:

Since 2001,, the #1 Jewish Dating Service for orthodox and frum singles, has successfully matched 2,148 Jewish singles in marriage, and so far in 2012, there has been an average of four weddings every week. Frumster has been able to achieve this growing marriage-rate by continually refining its service to have a greater focus on marriage-minded dating.
To call attention to these improvements, Frumster is pleased to announce their new name,, which better reflects their mission of bringing Jewish singles together in marriage. The JWed name is also expected to result in a higher marriage-rate in thefrum community.

Why JWed is even better for orthodox and frum singles:
ü  Marriage – The new name will attract only those singles who are genuinely ready for marriage.
ü  Derech Eretz – Site features now have a greater focus on derech eretz, leading to better first dates and more marriages.
ü  Frum & Private - Enhanced site-wide hashkafah and age filters ensure a frum and private experience.
Specifically, some recent improvements include dramatically expanded halacha-based filters which ensures members won’t see or be seen by inappropriate matches, the removal of public searching for enhanced privacy, and automated age blockers which ensure greater comfort.

For more information on the name change or if you or someone you know is single and ready to get married, visit today.

They even offered to give me free membership for a month to try it out. Fortunately, I am already married, but I suggested another idea to them, which they gladly and generously accepted

In short: I need a female volunteer who will sign up and try out their system for a month for free, then write a review of her experience, including the features, ease of use, etc, which will then be published as a post on this blog.

Interested in potentially becoming another one of JWed's success stories? Please email me at shadesofgreyjblog(at) 

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  1. I'm already on JWed and using it. Eh? Email me


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