Thursday, January 17, 2013

Craigslist Shabbat Dinner Invite = Soulmate Dinner Date?

I'm a bit flabbergasted that 7 single Jewish guys even thought of doing this, but I have to say it's a brilliant idea and one that, with tweaking, could be a fun, new way for singles to meet people.

Basically, the 7 guys posted on Craigslist that they want to put together a Friday night meal for 14, and invited any interested single women to contact that for the opportunity to be one of their guests. Surprisingly, they got a TON of responses, and were able to successfully confirm a select 7 eligible women will join them for dinner this Friday night.

While one of the men in the story, using the alias David Ben-Gurion, stated that they aren't necessarily looking at this dinner event "as a means to get married." But, he later goes on to mention that there will be future such Friday night Shabbat dinners for the women who replied to their ad but were not selected, then remarks, "Though if all goes as planned, it may only be six of us next time." Seems like marriage is definitely on their minds, even if not completely in an overt fashion.

Using such an approach to meet women is very interesting - and would take some serious intestinal fortitude on the part of the guys and girls involved. This is a far step beyond even the annual YU Connect singles Shabbatonim or other such meet and greet events. 

Would any of the single female readers out there be interested in such a unique invitation - assuming everything checked out once communication between the parties began and the gentlemen in question are indeed gentlemen without any cause for concern for the women's safety? 

Maybe this sort of thing should be looked into as a potential YU/Stern related dating event?


  1. I sent in an application - although not seriously. I don't think the guys are (very) religious, based on their emphasis on gefilte fish and Seinfeld.

    1. Did you get a response?

      And you never know, they could have been appealing to the masses and talking the language of the common Jewish folks... though their non-discrimination line about basically any woman can apply (Jewish or not?) seems to lean toward your theory.

      I still want to see a group of YU guys do this, or better yet, an apartment of single girls (Stern Grads?) living in Washington Heights. With enough sifting through the responses, and a few background check phone calls - it sounds like a nice venue to meet new people.

  2. Absolutely brilliant idea. We are willing to host, if everyone brings something.

  3. Hey, unrelated to this post... I nominated you for a Liebster Award. Check out my latest post :)


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