Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Money In Yeshivish Shidduchim + 100 Posts!

Rabbi Harry Mayles over at Emes Ve'Emunah posted about "The Best Boy in Lakewood" based on an article written by Rabbi Jonathan Rosenblum called "Avoiding Corruption in Shidduchim," which is a critique of people buying and selling boys who want to learn in kollel within shidduchim.

I don't have much to add to their quite brilliant observations and comments other than this is one of my own problems with the yeshivish/chareidi world and why I prefer to remain safely in my own Grey Area. This whole unfortunate business is definitely not helping the ongoing "shidduch crisis," and people need to "wake up and smell the coffee" already.

Incidentally, my last post was my 100th! Huzza! (to borrow Chana's exclamation) Thanks to all the visitors and keep reading folks!

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