Friday, December 3, 2010

I Light It - NCSY Chanukah Musical Remix 2010 - Music by Six13

While the Maccabeats' smash hit "Candlelight" keeps going on and on and on (sorry, couldn't resist, but hey, they have over 850,000 views now) - there is another Chanukah video, produced by Chana from Curious Jew for NCSY that is also worth watching.

Aside from the cute video itself, which depicts New Yorkers dancing and wearing NCSY-produced Chanukah T-shirts, Six13 - who is perhaps the best professional Jewish a cappella group - makes an appearance and performs the background music.

Check it out:

Incidentally, both "Candlelight" and "I Light It" can be purchased on iTunes for just 99 cents each.

Have a great Shabbos and a continued Lichtegen, Freilechen Chanukah!

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  1. I think "Candlelight" will reach 1 million by Sunday!
    Happy Chanukah! :)


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