Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Yet Another Marriage Segulah!?

Segulos for marriage - everyone's heard of them. Bad for Shidduchim has chronicled quite a few, but I heard a new one tonight from my Rav that I don't think has been mentioned anywhere before.

Everyone (or mostly everyone) has heard of the famous segulah for a single girl to hold the candle at havdallah. The segulah is even size-specific, since she should hold the candle at the height she would like her future husband to be.

However, has anyone ever heard of a segulah involving the havdallah wine? Nope, I'm not talking about drinking it.

Rather, akin to the practice of dipping one's fingers into the post extinguishment wine and dabbing it over the eyes (for healthy vision), the forehead (for seichel), on the back of the neck (the location of the luz bone, necessary for the resurrection of the dead), or the pockets (for parnassa) - a single girl dips her fingertip into the wine and dabs in on her left ring finger, in the hopes that it will be a segulah that a real ring should find its way there soon.

I'd never heard anyone mention/write about this particular marriage segulah, but my Rav mentioned that he knows of several single girls who do this, so I figure it might be worth something.

Any readers out there know of/practice this very interesting segulah?


  1. Interesting. Never heard of it...

  2. The best segulah for a girl to get married is to be very attractive.

    Seriously, folks...

  3. to lawschooldrunk: are you married? *please imagine sarcasm in voice*

  4. Lawschooldrunk, are you the same guy who used this moniker when I began this blog? If so, that was a very uncharacteristic remark on your part.

  5. All I can say is OMG.

    And while it may not be very pretty, lsd is probably dead on...


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