Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Will YOU Marry A Maccabeat?

12/6/12: For an updated image, check this post.

Over the recent YU winter break two more Maccabeats got engaged, and I could all but hear the collective frum female world sigh in frustration.
A similar thing happened a number of years ago when David Lavon, of the infamous Chevra "L'cha!" video, also got engaged.
Anyway, I figured I'd whip up a quick little graphic for those still seeking the possibility of being a Maccabeat Married Maidel .
And for anyone who is curious... I do know them, though Maccabeat leader Chaim Horowitz and his wife are the official shadchanim of the group.
Of the remaining Maccabeats, there are two med school students, a law school student, a teacher, and various YU undergrads (with majors that I am unaware of). So, who's going to be the next to get engaged...?
*NOTE* As some may have noticed, the "Flip my latkes in the air sometimes" Maccabeat, Nachum Joel, is not pictured, since this is an older group photo from last year. In addition, the "Missing Maccabeat," who was not featured in the video, Yona Saperstein, is visible in the back right of the second row.


  1. Did you get the Maccabeats' approval before posting this? Do they approve of shrieky fangurlz who want to date them just because they are semi-celebrities? If I were a Maccabeat, I don't know if I would appreciate your graphic and rather shameless personal ad. As a female who enjoyed the video, I'm a bit put off by your objectification of a group of guys who certainly have other talents and qualities.

    1. Totally agree with you. Women have to stop sounding so desperate as well.

  2. Sorry, I disagree with you LRS.

    Thanks for doing this, SoG! You have just done a major service to the majority of the frum female population everywhere! I salute you! :)

  3. I don't understand why people (read: girls) go crazy over people (read: guys) who have the smallest amount of "fame."

    Someone help me out.

  4. I bet they'd sing Eshes Chayil beautifully at the Shabbos table on Friday nights...

  5. reminds me of the more explicit post

  6. To some degree, yes. However, the perspectives are different and I didn't mean to offend, though I have heard some scuttlebutt that the Maccabeats themselves aren't too flatted. Especially after the J-Post link.

  7. Right when you made this post I knew it would go viral. Frum satire st posted it :)

    Life On A Cotton Ball @ Blogger

  8. The Professor - did you totally miss my Jerusalem Post link a week ago? Frum Satire is great, but the JPost thing was insane. Not that I really asked for either, lol.

  9. Mordy Prus (all the way bottom-right) is pre-semicha.


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