Monday, February 27, 2012

Support Tamar Epstein, An Agunah, Become Free

Tania at Thinking Jewish Girl started an online campaign to help an unfortunate young Jewish woman, Tamar Epstein, become free from her agunah status. Her secularly divorced husband, Aharon Friedman, has withheld presenting Tamar a get (document of Jewish divorce) for 2 years.

The news media is beginning to report on the subject - and I can only hope Congressional Representative Dave Camp, Aharon's employer, will make an effort to motivate Aharon into giving Tamar a get.

In the conclusion of her post, "When You Marry a Creep," Tania asks several important questions:

1) Is it the communities' fault for encouraging marriage so badly that people compromise when choose their spouses?
2) How much should one factor someone's family when deciding to date them?
Is it fair to discard someone based on family history?
3) What to do with red flags? What are red flags and what are just things people do because they are human?
4) How does one move on after this?

I hope to dedicate a future post to my views on these topics, since I feel that they touch upon very significant concepts intricately related to dating, engagement, and marriage. I initially wanted to have one post which supported Tamar's cause and included my response to those questions posed by Tania, but for lack of time over the weekend, I don't want to delay posting my support for Tamar and Tania's efforts to publicize Tamar's ongoing, painful situation.

May Tamar and all the other modern agunos out there soon find release from their chains, and may all men out there who unfortunately get divorced do the right thing and give the get at the right time. For the unmarried - sign a halachic prenup!

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