Thursday, March 21, 2013

Pesach 5773 Music Videos!

Pesach is quickly approaching, and the newest batch of music (and other) videos are being posted every day. has an incredibly well done modern newscast version of the 10 plagues and the exodus, a follow-up to their similarly very impressive Google Exodus from 2 years ago.


The Maccabeats are  with their first-ever Pesach video, based on Les Miserables (inspired by Shalom Sesame?). A definite musical departure from their past videos, but the cinematography and performance is excellent.

Six13 released a new Pesach parody medley, as a follow up to last year's hit video, this one's titled "Pesach Shop.

The sequel to last year's "Stuff People Say On Pesach" is titled "Stuff People Say At The Seder."

Here's an interesting, and different video, "An Israeli soldier's song to the world on Passover."

Livingwithjudaism has a song based on "Wicked" titled "A Wicked Passover Video." (features a female vocalist).

Beth Tfiloh Day School offers some cute, but wise advice, "Don't Sit on the Afikomen"

Imma Cast presents "Will You Let Us Go."


  1. Aish's is awesome. As one commenter pointed out, I'd imagine that the media portrayal would be harsher than it was in the video. But it was supposed to be all in good fun, and they did a great job.

    Not impressed with the Maccabeat's or Six13's.

    Stuff People Say is just as hilarious as last year's. Well done.

    LWJ's is very enjoyable. From a vocal standpoint, she should have spent more time on it, but she has a great voice and was entertaining. Bit confused as to what sect of Judaism she prescribes to though.

    The Israeli soldier's video was amazing. Enjoyed every moment of it.

    Last two were what they were supposed to be, corny and cute. Props to the both of them.

    1. thanks for the comment and the reviews! I have to agree about The Maccabeats and Six13.

      Les Miserables is a very niche fandom base, and as much as I appreciate the production values and the quality of their performance, I'm just not into that kind of music, have had no desire to see the play/movie, so its effect is somewhat lost on me.

      I wish Six13 had picked a more recognizable "oldie" - I have no clue what song they picked. Another friend of mine, not being current on popular music, only recognized the N Sync "Bye Bye Bye" parody - which I think was the best of the 3 songs they chose.

      I think the Aish video is outstanding and a great follow up to their social media battle between Moshe and Pharaoh. There are tons of in-jokes all over each web page they created, and I love little touches like that.


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