Sunday, March 3, 2013

This Week In Weather: Locusts!

I can only imagine that this could be actually happening in Egypt as we speak - a real-world manifestation of the incident found in my the third part of my story "Exodus: A Pesach Story," titled "Ice, Fire, and Bugs O' Plenty."

It turns out that the Giza region of Egypt (where all the Pyramids are located) is currently undergoing a locust swarm consisting of some 30 million of the insects. Check out the video above!

Not a current picture, but still neat. Image Source.
How's that for a modern reminder of the upcoming Pesach holiday?


  1. Video is gone, but I saw it at the time when it was first in the news. Insane to watch and listen to. And a bit frightening.

    1. Thank you - and fixed! I think it's very frightening.


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