Monday, March 29, 2010

Overheard During Last-Minute Pesach-Prep Frenzy

Exclaimed by my slightly exasperated mother, shouted from the kitchen while we were busy setting the tables for our Seder in an adjacent room:

"One of y'all better be married by next Pesach!"

To which a younger sibling (also of potentially marriageable age) replied loudly:


Kein Yehi Ratzon...


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  2. Don't laugh. My father said pretty much the same thing to a family member on Pesach two years ago, and last year, we had sheva brachos on Pesach.

  3. Of course if you do, you're mom'll be mad if you don't bring your spouse for the holiday.

  4. alarbean - the implication was (based on other ongoing conversation) that she'd like to skip making Pesach and go enjoy the chag at my potential future in-laws, or my own future home.


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