Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Mighty Morphin' YU Rangers: Day of the Rappeller

As promised, here is the full episode. Because of Youtube's 10-minute limit, the guys had to split it into two parts:

Part 1

Part Two

Or simply watch them both in a row on this convenient little playlist.

The premiere party was a blast! I've got to hand it to the guys for putting together a really hilarious and fantastic video.


  1. Whoa... Gotta respect the dude in pink.

    Why does the green YUPR have a different suit than everyone else? (With the shtotty shoulder triangles...)

  2. The real green ranger also had all the cool gold armor, so they're just being authentic. Yeah, pink guy has a lot of guts pulling off that costume, lol - though they all do for wearing spandex.

  3. HOLY. CRAP. that was boring and retarded. I mean G-d, Power Rangers seemed retarded when I was nine! Should've picked ANY different theme! : )


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