Friday, May 28, 2010

Pick YOUR Favorite Shidduch Blog Post

Ever read a post about Shidduchim/Dating and thought - "I wish they printed stuff like this in bookform!" Well, your input might now bring that to fruition!

After a round of discussion that I generated on this post at Bad For Shidduchim, Bad for Shidduchim, Frum N' Flipping and I are attempting to cull together the greatest posts related to shidduchim and hopefully create some sort of book for your reading enjoyment.

They really should get all the credit, though - especially Frum N' Flipping for setting this up. I'm just the idea man.

Where can you send in your nominations for what you think is print-worthy?

Right here: The Shidduch Anthology (title TBD).

Yes, you can suggest your own posts (why not, after all?), and *insert shameless self plug* any suggestions of things I've written are greatly appreciated.

We're trying this out to see if we can reach beyond the realm of cyberspace and spread ideas about shidduchim/dating to the general Jewish reading public, including those who may not have access to, or choose not to access, the internet for one reason or another.

One of the main reasons we write/read these things anyway is to give others out there an insight into how the dater "on the ground" thinks about his/her experiences, and how he/she relates to the whole system, with all it's zaniness.

As an avid reader of dating/marriage books, I know I've always wanted to read something like this, but all we really get are "how to guides" of sorts written by either a) shadchanim or b) psychologists/therapists - both of whom are already married and are dispensing the widsom of their positions/history. Granted that these things are wonderful to read about (mostly), it's always nice to have works that reach to you on the same level of existence. That sort of essay/story/expression of opinion/whatever connects more directly to you as a reader because the author is very similar to you and knows first-hand (and not in just the recollective sense) what you're going through.

Plus, there's the whole Shabbos thing and not being able to use my computer to read blogs about dating :)

So scour your favorite posts (I've recently added the search bar and subject tag listing on the ride-hand side of the blog for your browsing convenience) and make your suggestions!

Tell your friends, neighbors, and family! We want your input!

Have a great Shabbos!

P.S. With finals and graduation over (huzzah!), more posts should be forthcoming...

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