Friday, December 7, 2012

Another Maccabeats Marriage Update

My last post on the subject of the marriage availability of the members of the Maccabeats was this past January, with a new image that was subsequently updated in February - and is now outdated.

The updated graphic, as well as its original version, are the most (and basically only) downloaded files from my blog. I wanted to set the record straight so people, probably eager female fans, will stop downloading the  old picture.

Not only have several Maccabeats gotten married, there is also a NEW Maccabeat (and former Y-Stud) who has joined the group.

Click to enlarge.
The Members of The Maccabeats
Also, We will now have a separate availability graphic for the members of Standfour.

The members of StandFour
So for all those girls and potential mothers-in-law out there hoping for a Maccabeat Marriage - time is running out! 

...Unless there are more new (single) Maccabeats added in the future.


  1. The new guy is Ely Shestack, he is single :)

  2. There are two new guys: Shestack and George Rubin. Both great guys.

  3. Oh Noah is still single :)he's so cute


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