Sunday, March 20, 2011

Purim Fun!

First of all, Mazal Tov to King Ahaseurus and Queen-to-be Esther! A huge yasher-koach to whoever submitted this. I love the section that is supposed to say where the kallah is from, which instead reads: "She wont tell."

Second, I heard about this from a friend of mine of Shabbos: it seems that the campy "Mishenichnas Adar" tune, as seen here, is actually derived from an old slave cotton picking song called "Pick a Bale of Cotton." I'm really interested in finding out how this niggun borrowing evolved.

Lastly, you MUST check out this new song/video by up-and-coming Jewish Music singer/composer Jeremy Gaisen. It's by far the best original Purim song I've heard in years (sorry Maccabeats). The video is quite silly, but the song is fantastic. It's called "Umordechai Yatsah." I happen to know all the guys in the video - great job guys.

Freilechen Purim to all!

P.S. Stay safe and don't drink too much. There is no mitzvah to get drunk to the point of getting hurt or putting others at harm - nor is there any chiyuv whatsoever to upchuck your seudah.

As a friend once put it: "Nichnas yayin yatza sod; and not the contents of your stomach."

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