Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Reader Request For Shidduch Help

UPDATE 4/24/11 - We've definitely found the right guy. Thanks for your help!

I'm not entirely sure why I qualify for this type of request, but I can't deny the fact that I did receive this email last week. I sort of forgot about it in the pre-Shabbos rush, but rediscovered it last night as I was going through my inbox.

The email reads (copy and pasted it from Gmail):

"Ok this is going to be a strange message but maybe you can help since you are involved in Shidduchim. On the plane on the way to La for Succos I met a really nice guy that I would love to track down for my sister. Problem is I don't know his name or how to reach him. Maybe his name is David.
This is his description: He went to YU and graduated in marketing and works for five years in washington Heights. He lives there as well. His parents live in Israel but he grew up here. He went to Hasc several years ago. In general he was a nice, good looking guy, who helped me with my stuff and didn't mind when my baby was bothering him. Sounds far fetched for an idea for my sister? I don't think so. I did not ask him about the idea on the plane and I messed up. I think it could be a good shot. Please email me if you think you may know who this is. You can also post this on your blog if you want. Thank you so much!"

I will certainly try to find out who this mystery gentleman is, but if anyone can possibly figure it out and/or knows this fellow, please shoot me an email at Shadesofgreyjblog (at) gmail (dot) com and hopefully we can help out.


  1. Oooh, exciting!
    B'hatzlacha with finding him :)

  2. This happend to me twice, once on a plain ride to Israel and once answering the phone while babysitting at a friends house. All I had was a first name and a bit of personality information but with help of friends, I tracked them down. The one I met on the plain ride ended up being the madrich of a yeshiva around the corner of where I was for seminary and we ended up getting together a few times till he told me that he wanted to make Aliyah, and I that was a big no no to me. The other guy that I met by answering the phone while babysitting, ended up tracking me down. He called back the next day and asked my friend for my number. I was SHOCKED when he called. Anyways, he was from South Africa and after talking for 2 months we realized that nether one of us was in the position to make the trip. I am now married for 2 months so far to a guy that my sister knew from dorming at his parents house while she was in seminary. You never know where your bashert will come from and every shot in the dark is hishtadlus.


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