Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Is The World Really Crazy?

I know, I know - I really should expect no better from the world media with their Anti-Israel bias, especially with how readily they lap up all the drivel being spewed about the Arab Nakhba and how horrible the occupying Israelis are and have always been. But I feel like ranting, so there.

Yesterday, the NY Times decided to publish an op-ed piece by none other than Mahmoud Abbas, "the chairman of the Palestine Liberation Organization and the president of the Palestinian National Authority." You can read this garbage here. In it, good ol' Mahmoud utterly ignores recorded history, like how Arab nations decided to wipe out Israel the day it was declared a state by the UN, in favor of dishing out a superbly fictionalized account of how Palestinians have been victimized ignored, and never given a chance to have their own land (how could he forget Clinton's deal which would have given the Palestinians 95% of the territory they wanted, which Arafat rejected because of his own hatred and stupidity?).

For all this talk about Palestinians returning to their homeland, what about the "nakhba" of the hundreds of thousands of Jews expelled from their home countries?

Why doesn't this little gem about a 92 year old Arab woman fondly remembering the killing spree in Chevron make news? Or why doesn't anyone care to remember the fact that Arabs massacring Jews has been a favorite past time since before the State of Israel was ever founded?

What about all the garbage about claiming the Temple Mount has always been a Muslim site, and that Jews are trying to create a false history there, when in fact Palestinians have been doing the exact thing they're crying foul about for years?

Better yet, please read this. It's an historically accurate article detailing the exact nature of what Jews seem to have known all along, which th rest of the world ignores: the entire Palestinian plight is an invention created and continually carried out by the Arab nations as a means to destroy Israel.

I'm not in any way denying that there are Palestinian "refugees" who are suffering in the West Bank and elsewhere. Human suffering is unacceptable, no matter what - we Jews more than anyone else know what it's like to be mistreated, beaten, and enslaved. But, the fact of the matter remains - those truly responsible for all this mess are not the ones who get the fingers pointed at them. It's not Israel's fault, it's not the Jews fault.

I know that this post and the time I took to write it is basically for naught, but it's time that the world really recognizes the well-executed conspiracy that has been plaguing Jews and Israel for the last 63 years, and even before that.

I personally don't agree whatsoever with the opinions out there in the Jewish world that say Israel shouldn't exist and that we should support our enemies on the matter. But I do wonder if the small kernal of truth in their words has manifested in the nations of the world's bias against Israel - to the point of lying to themselves and even believing those lies.

May Moshiach come soon so that the light of Emes can shine, Bnei Yisrael will live rightfully in its G-d given homeland, and the world will stop living a life full of lies and fiction.

Update (5/19/11) - two "truthful" revisions of Abbas' NYT article can be found at Elder of Zion and American Thinker. Yashar Koach for speaking for reality, and brightening my mood a bit about all this.


  1. I almost vomited in my cheerios while reading that article.

    Then the rage came.

    A perfectly good rainy morning ruined.

  2. The world is annoying when it comes to Palestinians. It sides with a group that is extremely distructive.

    It goes to show we only have each other and G-d.

  3. it is a pointless discussion, once bs is introduced to a conversation it just becomes a dumping site and all sense goes out the window...but the one thing all this helps me realize is that even though i'm here in the holy land, we're still in galus. the exile is not the land but the people...it puts things into perspective when there are no answers to the endless barrage of crap like that.


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