Monday, December 5, 2011

One Way NOT To Propose

Take note guys: Do NOT hide the ring in an item of food that could be easily consumed.

Not every girl will be as lucky as this one and find the engagement ring inside her tortilla as planned:

Hopefully, the guy won't purchase the ring at Wal-Mart either.

The image below demonstrates what can go wrong with this idea.

This is a real X-ray from a Huffington Post article about strange items found in X-rays, and it demonstrates why I was very reluctant to act on any of the suggestions given to me for engagement ideas that involved hiding the ring in a food item or drink. Thanks anyway, Mom ;)

The last thing you want to happen is for the girl to mistakenly gulp down the ring without noticing the precious object nestled in that piece of cake or resting at the bottom of that flute of champagne.

On top of all that, what girl wants her ring to get dirtied with icing, pasta sauce, sorbet, salad dressing or whatever, and have to go clean it up before she can show it off and pose for the obligatory Only Simchas pictures?

And if she fails to notice the ring in that her guy so lovingly hid in the special dessert or whatever... well, the clean up won't be much fun either once the ring is retrieved.

For those readers who are suspicious about the above X-ray and can't believe that this has ever happened, please feel free to watch this segment on the nationally broadcast NBC Today Show which features an actual incident of accidental engagement ring consumption.

To be honest, I think having pictures on Only Simchas that featured the guy and girl smiling and talking on their cell phones while holding the X-ray of the ring's location between them would be pretty darn hilarious.

Just imagine that for a moment...

Triple bonus points to the couple who pulls that off as a prank when they get engaged.

Has anyone heard of this ever happening in the Jewish dating world?


  1. Didn't that happen in the movie "Everyone Says 'I Love You'"? It's a Woody Allen film. Figures.

  2. I'm not familiar with that movie, though I seem to recall a scene in Spiderman 3 where Peter Parker was going to propose to Mary Jane with the ring in a champagne glass, but she broke up with him and the ring was left sitting there with the bubbles collecting around it.

  3. My husband once hid a diamond pendant ina mew pair of shoes but he was so nervous i would miss it he told me about it as he gave me the shoebox!

  4. Chanalesings - if we're talking about hiding general gifts, I hid a set of earrings in our safe during the week before the wedding so that ASoG found it as a surprise while she was moving in and I was elsewhere. I gave her a matching necklace in the yichud room.

  5. 'Hopefully, the guy won't purchase the ring at Wal-Mart either.'

    I agree, that's not the best way to propose, but it definitely gives the couple a very interesting story to share later with friends and family.


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