Friday, December 25, 2009

Shidduch Vision Promotional Video

A promotional video for Shidduch Vision is now making its rounds via youtube. It is interesting to note that noted speaker Rabbi Pesach Krohn (clearly standing in for the late Billy Mays) says, "As you know, I believe that we have turned a corner in the 'shidduch crisis,'" - all due the fact that more people than ever are becoming more involved in shidduchim and are "coming up with creative ideas." I can't say that I've heard this statement attributed to Rabbi Krohn before (the video was posted November 30th), but I do remember his references to the "crisis" during recent Tisha B'Av Chofetz Chaim videos...

As great as Shidduch Vision is, one would think that "turning a corner" in the "shidduch crisis" would be news just as big as proclaiming that America has "turned a corner" in its current economic recession. If this is true, why hasn't anyone else mentioned this in the Jewish blogosphere? Perhaps it's just a marketing strategy, implying that Shidduch Vision has/will stem the tide of aging singles.

I do think the video is a little bit cheesy, it's as though this video technology has been discovered for the first time. I know friends who utilized webcams to faciliate an ongoing dating relationship, and both ended up married to the girl on the other end of the digital divide. The few times I have suggested trying this out (based on my friends' success) during the course of a shidduch that went over a Sukkos/Pesach/winter/summer break, I was politely turned down in favor of phone calls.

Has anyone else tried this before (successfully)?

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