Thursday, December 6, 2012

New Maccabeats Chanukah Video / Original Song - "Shine"

The Maccabeats have taken things to the next level as they release their newest song/video "Shine," their very first original song. Known for the past two years as one of the best, some may argue the best, Jewish A Capella and Parody groups out there, I welcome this change and think they've done a great job. Same Maccabeats quality, professionalism and where appropriate, humor, all wrapped up in a new, catchy song that we've never heard performed before. I like the use of continuity with "Miracle" and the reappearance of the Greeks from "Candlelight."

"Shine" can be purchased online at CDBaby

I hope this is just the beginning of their original releases, and they have much continued blessing and success in reaching out to the world and providing inspiration for us all.

For those who are wondering what the deal is with the "break off" group StandFour, these four former Maccabeats now have lives that are too busy to allow them to travel across the country, or to Australia, as readily as their fellow singers. However, even though they won't be touring, they still want to produce quality, engaging Jewish music and videos, hence StandFour.

I say the more Jewish Music out there, the merrier, and   look forward to what both The Maccabeats and Standfour will create in the future.

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