Thursday, January 26, 2012

Maccabeats Marriage Update

Updated Image (as of 12/6/12) can be found here.

A year ago, on January 26th, 2011 I posted a gag picture I whipped up that featured the suddenly famous Maccabeats and identified which were married, engaged, or single.

Aside from the humorous element of appealing to all the Macca-fan-girls out there, I didn't think much of the post at the time. I went about business as usual, wrote a few more posts, and figured life would go on as it had until that point.

Then, a little over a week later the internet suddenly noticed the picture, and I was featured on blogs, Face Book statuses and even the Jerusalem Post's website. This humble little blog was flooded with visitors from all over the world. Talk about unexpected exposure.

In fact, that post continues to be the most visited, most searched (via word and image search), and most linked post I've written in over 2 years of blogging.

While a year has now passed, and people out there continue to in
quire via search engines which members of The Maccabeats are married, some things have changed and that picture is no longer factually accurate. I figure that as long as people still care about knowing this information, I don't want to mislead visitors and have impressionable young ladies pining away for a married or engaged man.

Therefore, I have put together an updated image (which looks pretty nifty, if I do say so) that relates the current marriage statuses of our beloved A Cappella singing sensations (click to enlarge):


With OVER half of the 14 guys in The Maccabeats now married or on the way, time is running out for any Jewish girls out there (and their mothers) who dream about Maccabeat zemiros at their Shabbos table.

On a more serious note, I recall hearing that The Maccabeats themselves weren't so happy with the initial post, and I imagine they won't be with this one either. Since the other post exists and cannot be taken back, I have created this new image to properly inform the masses at large who are already looking for this anyway. Sorry guys, if I have further offended you.

More important than the married or single status of The Maccabeats is their continued success at spreading the positive message of Torah Umadda and reaching out to Jews everywhere, religiously observant or not (yet).

I hope they can create more songs, more videos, and more albums (where is that second CD anyway!?) to further enhance our modern Jewish culture, and serve as a positive role models for our community, and the world at large.

P.S. This post will also be in lieu of Jewish Music Fridays because of my grad school work.

Update: From their Facebook status, it seems like their long anticipated 2nd album is almost completed!

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