Thursday, February 3, 2011

I'm Macca-Famous?!?! Oh Dear...

Oh my.

I didn't think my recent little joke-post about the Maccabeats with the cutesy availability picture I whipped up would turn into such a big deal.

Well, now I'm linked, along with the now-infamous picture, on the Jerusalem Post's regular pop-culture segment called The Weekly Schmooze.

Um, hello world?

And here I was wistfully wondering when I'd surpass 40,000 hits, knowing that I went to sleep last night about 500 short. I was also pondering the notion of having a contest with a prize for the 40,000th hit, but I guess that'd be pretty moot at this point. Maybe I'll do it when Shades of Grey reaches 50,000 hits? That is a little more monumental anyway.

I guess it's a good thing I'm married, cuz I have no doubt that this is Bad for Shidduchim.

UPDATE 2/10/11 - Now the post is linked on Frum Satire...


  1. Very humble of you.

    My roommate posted the picture on facebook (as a joke!)...just so you know it's on the web in other places too...We found it pretty hilarious.

    Also, can a public viewer see your hit number?

  2. LOL that's hilarious.
    I knew that photo was going places :D

  3. girl 123 - I keep getting facebook links, but I have no clue who's posting them... The counter is on the right hand side of the page below my contact information.

    Sefardi Gal - I knew something was up when a friend in Israel randomly sent me the picture after his fiancee emailed it to him. I now kind of wish I had spent a little more time and added a little Nachum Joel to the upper corner instead of just text, but fixing it now won't change much since the picture is out there already.


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