Thursday, February 10, 2011

Excuse Me - OR - Thanks Honey!

A Marriage Quickie for all newlywed wives and aspiring wives-to-be (engaged or not):

When a husband belches after a delicious home cooked meal, even if it is several hours later, his wife should not take offence.

The belch signifies the husband's satisfaction with the recently consumed delicacies. The louder, more forceful, and larger number of accompanying belches directly relates to the level of enjoyment the wife has given her soul mate.

Upon belching, he fondly recalls the mouth-watering flavors of the carefully and expertly crafted dishes his beloved so gladly prepared for him, as well as the pleasure he received ingesting the aforementioned food. This is indicated by his warm, happy "mmmm" vocalization, which is often accompanied by that handsome smile she fell in love with.

However, the same cannot neccessarily be said in regard to other gastrointestinal expressions.


  1. Sorry- for Americans in America, it is never proper to burp out loud. I don't know about offensive, but it's not refined and proper. And "excuse me" is always necessary as an immediate followup.

  2. Isn't that a Chinese custom? I recall reading about it recently.

    I prefer that my husband does not compliment me in such a manner :-).

  3. Sun Inside Rain - that sounds vaguely familiar, but was not the inspiration for this post.

    lawschooldrunk - this was written (mostly) in jest.

  4. Ha. Funny.
    If I was the wife, I guess I'd have to start cooking less satisfying dinners, then.

  5. I recall belching being a Zulu demonstration of culinary appreciation from my South African heritage, but have to agree with LawSchoolDrunk that there's no excuse for it in the States.

    City of the Strange or Ir Shel Chesed

  6. A further poat script: the context of the occurrence that inspired this post was not upon immediate conclusion of a meal, but some time later. The belch triggered by the consumed dinner brought me to offer a compliment to ASoG on her culinary abilities. I of course added the obligatory "excuse me" as well. In short, the incident of a post meal belch is NOT simply a rude noise, but at times an expression of gratitude and satisfaction.

  7. SoG - thanks for clarifying that you were kidding. I was about to swear off marriage forever.


    Besides, it's really just an expression of gastrointestinal distress.


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