Thursday, February 10, 2011

Time's Almost Up

If anyone was interested in participating in the Star-K's "shidduch rewards program" (that's my term, kind of like cash-back on certain credit cards), the whole incentive program is ending next month.

"Six years ago, STAR-K undertook the goal of trying to solve the Baltimore singles situation, typical of many Orthodox communities throughout the U.S. Offering a cash incentive for a period of one year to anyone who successfully arranged a shidduch for a woman in Baltimore’s Orthodox community, STAR-K hoped that its gift would act as a dual incentive: first, for professional shadchanim worldwide in order to put Baltimore women on the top of their singles lists, and second for “would-be shadchanim” and acquaintances to keep Baltimore women in mind.

STAR-K has since renewed this Shidduch Incentive Program annually, raising the initial gift from $2,000 to $2,500. We are pleased to announce that this program has been a great success, as well as an inspiration for other cities to help their singles. To date (no pun intended!), STAR-K has paid out $320,000 for a total of 134 matches. Regretfully, STAR-K will no longer be able to fund this program. However, all shidduchim made before Purim 5771 (March 20, 2011) will be honored."

Check the above link for more info.

Out of curiosity: Did anyone you know benefit from this incentive program?

Hat-tip: Frum Satire (I claim no responsibility for the language and content found there)


  1. Yeah, I saw that on frum satire but I wasn't sure if heshy was joking.

    I wonder, but will never know, how many matches would have been made had there not been this added financial incentive.

  2. only content, I don't use bad language

  3. FrumSatire2 - The comments can get kind of out of hand at times, though I wouldn't necessarily give you a G rating either ;)

  4. Totally unrelated but to lazy to email you, Shades. I’ll let all your readers see this too, in case it was missed:

    About the YU seforim sale and ties in meeting singles.

  5. Law ( = lawschooldrunk?), A friend of mine who is quoted in the article, as well as several friends who are wrinkling at the sale posted the link in their facebook statuses. I may write a post about the sale, now that you mention it. Thanks for the idea.


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