Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Winner In The Toilet Paper Hanging Debate?!

After discussing in a recent post how some folks have issues with pet peeves as minor as how a roll of toilet paper is hung, a friend pointed out the rather extensive Wikipedia entry on the subject.

Aside from the copious history of the debate (which makes this worth a read in and of itself), the entry cites two different published studies that make the claim that "Toilet paper orientation is often mentioned as a hurdle for married couples."

Interestingly enough, however, almost all of the surveys conducted on public preference for toilet paper orientation favors the over-hand method that I personally support. The debate has never been totally settled, despite the fairly conclusive data this presents.

At any rate, another rather fascinating concept presented is the fact that there are products out there called Tilt-a-Roll that actually features the ability to simply change the orientation of the roll quickly and easily.

Though the design is copyrighted, perhaps the inventors of Kosher Lamp, etc could come up with a way to market a Jewish Shalom Bayis-themed packaging.

After all, Tilt-a-Roll's company motto happens to be: "Let Tilt-A-Roll save your marriage!"


  1. That Tilt-a-Roll idea is brilliant. Funny story: Once, on a date a guy once asked me, as a joke, which way I hang toilet paper. I nervously answered that I hang it the over-hand way, and he gave a sigh of relief and said that he does it the same way. We got a good laugh out of it, but at the same time it was good to know that if it worked out we wouldn't have to argue about that one. To this day I think that is the most interesting, and yet most practical, question that I have ever been asked on a date.

  2. Sterngrad - I think we need to make this a new must-discuss topic on a date, so tell all your friends :-)

    One of the compromises/solutions Wikipedia offers is to have separate bathrooms! It also mentions that some people are so obsessed that when they encounter toilet paper hung the "wrong" way at a friend's home, they change it! That might say a lot for a potential spouse...

  3. Sterngrad,

    I don't know the chemistry you had with your date, but as a general rule, it's good for guys not to talk about ANYTHING that has to do with the bathroom or bodily functions. EVER. To guys it is not nearly as turn-off-able as it is to girls. I've heard from so many girls how they were turned off by vaguely related bathroom comments and the guy had no idea he shot himself in the foot.

  4. I agree. :)

    Separate bathrooms is really extreme! I prefer it one way, but don't care at all if it the other way. My roomates often hang the toilet paper the wrong way, and I never change it. It's not worth the effort, since pretty soon we'll be on to the next roll and chances are it will end up the right way.

  5. lawschooldrunk- I agree that guys sometimes don't realize that certain comments are completely inappropriate for dates (NEVER mention undergarments- it's just awkward. This happened to me with a few different guys.) Luckily in the story above the guy and I were pretty comfortable around each other. Also, I think this type of question is different than other bathroom discussions (which I agree should not be discussed on a date) as it is more a discussion of typical small arguments that spouses have, along with discussing things such as squeezing toothpaste.

  6. Sterngrad - who the heck talks about undergarments on a date?!? The only remotely acceptable topic would be the old boxers vs briefs debate, but that still crosses the line. Anything else could ONLY be asking for trouble.

  7. SoG- yes, that is precisely what I thought when it was mentioned! In all 3 cases it was very off-putting.


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