Saturday, February 5, 2011

Things I've Learned Since I Got Married #2

I enjoy doing the dishes.

While that may sound surprising, it’s totally true. As I mentioned in the previous post, ASoG does most of the cooking in our apartment. This is our primary arrangement because she likes to cook, and is certainly the more experienced of the two of us. To be fair, I started off our marriage by volunteering to be the official dish washer and dryer (our apartment does not have any dish washing apparatus). While ASoG does often help by partnering up with me to do the drying, as well as doing dishes herself if I’m not around, or simply because she is ever so nice and does it in a sneaky fashion before I get a chance to, I honestly enjoy standing there getting our plates, bowls, cups, and cutlery spotless and clean.

I’m not sure what I like so much about this particular chore, considering I’ve heard complaints from almost everyone I know about having to do the dishes, whether that means newly married male friends or single people of both genders pitching in around the house. For me, the task is somewhat meditative in nature. As long as I can turn on our iHome and get some fast Jewish music pumping, I’m ready to go.

I’m always experimenting with slightly different variations of how to clean the dishes, whether putting soap on the scrubber/sponge, or sometimes adding the soap to a dish and creating sudsy water that I spread around the other dishes. One cool thing I figured out was to put soap in a cup, fill it with hot water, and allow it to overflow into a nearby cup/bowl, spreading the soapy cleaning solution to multiple items.

Anyway, call me weird if you’d like (I’m more than expecting it in the comments), but washing dishes is actually, dare I say it... fun.


  1. You never washed dishes before you got married?

    I enjoy doing the dishes and even find it to be relaxing sometimes, but only if I'm not rushing and have the time, and if I don't have to wash anything too dirty. I once made cholent without lining the crock pot with a bag and burnt the cholent. Washing out that crock pot was awful.

  2. I'm with you SoG, I find washing dishes to be a great time for contemplation and introspection. It's one of those tasks, like running, for which you can completely put your motions on autopilot and devote your mental capacity to something else.

    Primum Non Nocere

  3. I love dishes. Well, not love. But in the list of chores, I'd happily give up vacuuming, dusting, and anything that requires moving to dishes. You can get catatonic on dishes. It's soothing and allows you to think. Posts begin to form in your mind... ;-)

    Once when I mentioned to my father that I liked doing dishes he mentioned that a high-profile lawyer also learned to meditate while doing the dishes from an older flatmate while in college. So it's a quirk with a distinguished and extensive past.


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